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Corn Silk (Stigmata Maydis) Extract

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  • Latin Name: Zea mays L.
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Corn silk is the name used for the threads, known as stigmas, found at the top and sides of a stalk of corn. Though it's often discarded when corn is prepared for eating, it may have several medicinal applications. Corn silk contains a variety of plant compounds that may be responsible for various health effects. Such as antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals. In TCM, it's used to treat a variety of ailments, including prostate problems, malaria, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and heart disease. There more recent research indicates that it may also help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and inflammation.

In most cases, many people throw corn silk away because they do not know they can use it to health benefits. 
▪ Natural antioxidant.
▪ Has anti-inflammatory properties.
▪ As a diuretic.
▪ Help UTI.
▪ Reduces blood pressure & blood sugar.


Corn silk may be used fresh but is often dried before being consumed as a tea or extract. In the old days, people boiled corn silk and drank it as tea. Now, its extract is available as a dietary supplement in powder, liquid or capsule form. 

Packing & Storage:
Pack in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. Net Weight: 25kgs/paper-drum.
1kg-5kgs plastic bag inside with aluminum foil bag outside. Net Weight: 20kgs-25kgs/paper-drum.
Store in a well-closed container away from moisture and light.

Shelf Life:
2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.

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Please note that we are a wholesale company selling bulk quantities of 5 kg and greater.
We do not sell retail quantities to individuals.


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