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Quality is a life for enterprise
Committed to perfection at every step of the quality control

Quality assurance is a group effort. Selecting high-quality raw materials and maintaining desirable quality through every stage of the production process. Each worker does contribute.

Organic Plants-growing Farms

Naturalin has a self-operating planting base of nearly 1000 mu, located in Hengshan County, mainly planting rosemary, cactus and others. The planting complies with the high organic standards, meeting EP and USP requirements, to ensure product quality and reduce the impact on the environment.

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Quality Assurance

Committed to perfection at every step of the quality control

Manufacturing Facilities

GMP standard workshop-from focus to professionalism

Naturalin Factory is located in Yueyang City, covering an area of 70 acres. Our rich manufacturing experiences and professional facilities enable us to provide customers with one -stop R&D and production services.

Empowerment and sustainable manufacturing-from vision to action

We have established a sustainable production environment, formulated a policy aimed at protecting and promoting employees' health, safety, welfare and training,etc. We also have a first-class reverse flow extraction equipment to undertake the demand for large-scale production and manufacturing; film concentration, MVR concentration and effectively protect the original flavor of the product, reduce material loss, and greatly save production costs. During the production process, each product has implemented the concept of sustainable development from product design, process selection, production operation, waste treatment, and realizes customer interests to maximize.