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Our expertise is unique in the field of plant extract
based research and development, technologies, and formulation

Knowledge of markets, know-how, the most effective and advanced production equipment and a high level of knowledge and expertise about norms and standards are only a few of our strengths. Thanks to its own R&D team that develops new ingredients, methods, processes and applications, Naturalin has secured a strong market position.

Naturalin lab and R&D focus on the followings

Naturalin devote considerable amount of manpower and tremendous scientific research for innovative applications of traditional herb extracts, ethnopharmacology and functional formulas.

Lab Test
The correct analytical technique needs to be properly chosen and matched to each individual test sample so that botanical species and plant part can be confirmed in compliance with regulatory requirements.
· Advanced analytical instruments HPLC, TLC, UV, AAS and etc.
· Each client has a dedicated account manager ensuring your needs are met.
Small-scale workshop
Exploration, research and discovery, the small test workshop helps us realize special customized projects. The yield is stable; the technical indicators meet the expected requirements; the product quality is guaranteed; provide qualified samples.
Pilot-scale workshop

The most important link in the process from R&D to production. Provide reliable data for further production, and further revise the production process in the test, eliminate the parts that are not suitable for industry, and then develop a process suitable for production.

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Rosemary extract, Broiler feed additive, Natural composition to improve skin health, Olive leaf extract, Ganoderma extract, Cranberry extract, Echinacea extract, Gotu kola extract, Soap nut extract, Rhodiola rosea extract, Eleutherosides B + E, Artichoke extract, Oleuropein, Chamomile extract, Iridoid glycosides in rehmannia glutinosa, Bamboo extract, Angelica extract, Cordyceps extract, Mushroom extract, Ivy extract, Cacumen platycladi extract, Eucommia extract, Tea saponin extract, Chai Hu extract, Gingerol.