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Isatis Root (Ban Lan Gen) TCM Benefits & Applications

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Isatis RootWhat is Isatis?
Isatis is an herb. The dried leaf and root have been used as medicine since ancient times. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ban Lan Gen refers to the isatis root. The leaves and roots of the plant are used in traditional Chinese medicine. The isatis root and leaves have many similar properties. The root has been used medically in China for thousands of years. Traditionally it was used to clear heat and remove toxicity. Isatis root benefits respiratory health, digestive health, and throat health.

TCM Benefits 

Isatis Root is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb used to drain heat, resolve fire toxicity, relieve swelling, disperse stagnation and cool the blood. It is a powerful herb with anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and antibacterial properties. Isatis may be applied directly to the skin for skin conditions or taken orally.

Antiviral Herb
Isatis is a broad-spectrum antiviral herb that inhibits viral replication and attachment to cells.  It has a broad range of tested antimicrobial actions against diverse bacteria and microbes which protect against secondary infection.

Support Respiratory Health
Isatis root has been used to treat the common cold and other infections of the nose, throat, ,sinuses and upper respiratory tract infections, as well as infections of saliva glands. In China many households have Ban Lan Gen tea granules in the medicine cabinet as a preventative decoction during cold and flu season.

Benefit the Throat
The isatis root is a natural antibiotic and stimulates the immune system and reduce fever and swelling. Therefor, isatis root is able to fight bacteria and viruses that can cause infections and be used to treat fever, sore throat, tonsillitis. By the way, in TCM, it can be used to make a tea directly for treatment of a sore throat. 

Cure Skin Issue
Isatis root healing properties include removing heat and toxins, cooling the blood, alleviating and relieving swellings. For swollen face, chickenpox, measles, jaundice and certain types of hot skin rashes. 


* Health supplements: for respiratory health, throat health.
* Pharmaceutical: isatis herb is used to treat the common cold.
* Beverage: functional tea, instant herbal tea.
* Cosmetics: isatis root is applied directly to the skin for a skin condition, psoriasis, etc.

How to Find Isatis Root?

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