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Echinacea Extract --- Top Medicinal Effects

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Echinacea ExtractEchinacea Extract
Echinacea, a powerful plant that’s currently booming in the natural health market, due to echinacea extract benefits our health and well-being. It is one of the most popular herbs worldwide. It is a purple colored flower which belongs to the daisy or sunflower family called Asteraceae. It have been developed in drugs because of its high medicinal values. Echinacea extract is extracted from the leaves, stems and roots of Echinacea Purpurea. Its active ingredients are powerful immunity stimulators and can provide a significant therapeutic value. A few that you’re probably familiar with are cichoric acid and polyphenols.

Top 3 Medicinal Effects

1.Antiviral & Enhance Immunity
Another important function of Echinacea extract is antiviral. Echinacea extract stimulates the production of cytokines by bone marrow cells, promotes the proliferation of B lymphocytes and  promote the proliferation of lymphocytes, strengthen the immune system and enhance immunity. Long-term use of echinacea extract for some chronic diseases, the elderly People, children and other people have important health benefits.

2.Anti-infections & Anti-bacterial
Echinacea extract is a fantastic remedy for a whole slew of infections. Some studies do indicate that Echinacea could relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Inflammation is at the root of most diseases. Various factors including stress, toxins in our food and poor sleep all contribute. Echinacea extract performs very well in anti-inflammatory. It’s known to help with: Bloodstream infections; Genital herpes; Gum disease; Malaria; Syphilis; Typhoid; Urinary tract infections; Vaginal yeast infections.

3.Cure Skin Problems

Echinacea powder is believed to have natural anti-inflammatory properties and thought to help ward off pore-clogging bacteria because it has anti-microbial components. Some people also use Echinacea as a topical disinfectant to treat skin infections and to provide natural analgesic benefits to soothe burns and insect bites.

Echinacea ExtractApplications
Echinacea extract is mainly applied in the pharmaceutical field, in the food and beverage field, in the personal care field, etc.
* Pharmaceutical field: in capsules, pills, tablets, syrup, tinctures. 
* Food and beverage: in functional teas as a dietary supplement. 

* Personal care: ointment etc.

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