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Natural Ingredients as Food Additives

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Food additives are those used in the production of foods, such as preservatives, sweeteners, colorants, and flavorings, or for the purpose of processing and preserving foods. And contemporary people have higher requirements for natural formulas and food additives (including natural solutions to extend shelf life).

The role natural ingredients play in preservative has been widely reported, and this health support is an additional benefit of using natural food preservation.

Functional plant extracts can be incorporated into a variety of products to help in preservation and extension of shelf life, including meats, oils, fruits and cereal-based products. These natural preservatives are regarded as safe, and often contain other minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients that can offer additional health benefits.

* Natural Preservatives Ingredients
Rosemary Extract
Ginger Extract

Enhancing the flavor of foods can make eating even tastier. Adding flavors to foods also helps to stimulate appetite, which is essential for people who need to feel the taste of food.

Due to processed foods need to last a long time, and that will reduce food's flavor. Food manufacturers will add natural flavors to enhance or maintain the flavor of the food after it's processed. Actually, every food includes some sort of extra flavor-enhancing ingredients, such as salt, pepper, fruit powder, herbs, and spices.

* Natural Flavor Ingredients
Strawberry Powder
Matcha Powder

Natural coloring rich in fruits, vegetables, and edible plants.

Almost most foods contain pigments. But you can carefully observe whether these pigments are natural colorings. The use of colorings can restore the original color of the product or some products that need to add color. Color will make the food look appetizing. This is also a good way to increase sales.

* Natural Coloring
Roselle Extract
Spirulina Powder

Natural sweeteners can be applied as the low calorie sugar substitute.

Sugar cravings are a complex issue. It is difficult for you to avoid sugar. Since sugar intake has been so highly linked to diabetes and weight problems, along with mood disorders and even acne, then lowering your intake of added sugars or use natural sweeteners instead, which is much better.

* Natural Sweeteners
Stevia Extract
Luo Han Guo Extract

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