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Organic Mushroom Extract -- Ganoderma Extract

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Organic mushrooms are delicious and nutritious. They have been listed as the best food since ancient times. Organic mushrooms are high-protein, low-fat healthy foods, rich in essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and polysaccharides. If you eat it regularly, it can effectively promote the body's absorption of other foods. In addition, organic mushrooms are rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, and even has higher amino acid content than beef. 

Naturalin Hot Organic Mushroom Products

Organic Ganoderma Extract: 20%~30% Polysaccharides; 2%~4% Triterpenes;
Organic Cordyceps Extract: 7% Cordyceptic Acid;10%~40% Polysaccharides;
Customized Service: Naturalin supplies various reishi products from reishi fruiting body or reishi mycelium in organic, conventional, or custom ingredients based on our customers' request.

Let's take Ganoderma lucidum extract as an example to introduce its nutrition value and health benefits.

Nutrition Value

Organic reishi is primarily composed of complex carbohydrates called water-soluble polysaccharides, triterpeniods, proteins and amino acids. Researchers have identified that water-soluble polysaccharides are the most active element found in Reishi that have anti-tumour, immune modulating and blood pressure lowering effects.It is treat as the raw material of a ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide capsule, tablet, granule and other kinds of health care products, functional food, beverage.

 Product Name
 Active ingredient
 Extract Part
 Reishi mushroom powder
 Fruiting Body     
 /  Organic     
 Reishi mushroom extract 4:1~10:1
 Polysaccharides; β-glucan   
 Fruiting Body               
 Reishi mushroom dual extract 15:1
 Polysaccharides Beta-glucans /Triterpenes
 Fruiting Body  

Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder has the functions of antioxidant, improving immunity, protecting Central Nervous System, prevent lung injury, improve liver functions, etc. The major active ingredient are ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides and triterpenes. Naturalin mushroom powder 100% Organic, non GMO, gluten free, vegan. 

In Nutrition: improve immunity; nutritional supplements; health care.
In Food & Beverage: additive of tea, coffee, smoothies, super food.
In Animal Nutrition: improve animals' immunity.

In Cosmetics: antioxidant; whitening & moisturizing.

Customize Your Organic Mushroom Extract
Naturalin has long history of cultivate organic mushrooms with each mushroom grown in the optimal cultivation area for that mushroom in China. We supplies many kinds of mushroom extracts, mushroom powders. Most of Naturalin mushroom products have been authenticated as organic quality with the certificates of USDA organic, EU organic as well as Halal check. The most important thing is that we provide customized services to satisfy any of your needs. Please contact us:

Label: Organic Mushroom Extract -- Ganoderma Extract