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Worth attention: 2024 Mushroom Composite Market

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According to recent market trends, mushroom composite have entered a growth period in overseas markets. Therefore, mushroom composite and their extracts have also received increasing market attention.

Market report:

1、American data company SPINS released the "2023 Mushroom Raw Material Market Report" . Market data covers the main sales channels of the US market;

2、Market data released by FUTURE Market Insights shows that the global mushroom market size reached 9.698 billion US dollars in 2023;

It is worth noting that a report issued by the market research institution of Ireland Dublin Research & Markets shows that in 2024, the mushroom market will still grow steadily at a rate of more than 9%per year.

The main mushroom mixed products

The following are the main mushroom complexes and their extracts that we can provide:

1. Hericium Erinaceus: Hericium Erinaceus contain eight amino acids and zinc, iron, and selenium. In addition to the high potassium content, the sodium content is also very low. This medicinal mushroom is highly valued because it contains a variety of polysaccharides and peptides;

2.Cordyceps Militaris: Cordyceps Militaris contains a variety of biological ingredients, such as cordyceps, polysaccharides, etc;

3.Reishi Mushroom:Reishi Mushroom is mainly composed of complex carbohydrates, compounds, proteins and amino acids called complex carbohydrates called water -soluble polysaccharides.

The characteristics are as follows:

1.Organic/Conventional as optional

2.Good water solubility

3.Water extraction/Dual extraction

4.With advanced patents for mushroom production technology

5.Product range---Plant extracts/Raw herbs/Milled powders/Flavor customization

We have rich experience in the production and sales of mushroom composite and its extract. If you are interested,  please feel free to inquire!