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The application of plant extracts in food and beverages

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With the development of the big health industry and the improvement of consumers' awareness of health, people's demand for higher nutritional value in food and drinks is increasing. In nature, the number of plants is abundant and distributed, and it is rich in healthy biological activity ingredients and rich active functions. Therefore, plant extracts have strong application potential to add to food and beverages as plant bases.

Plant solid drink -plant powder

Honeysuckle flowers powder:

Honeysuckle flowers are plants in the honeysuckle are plants in the honeysuckle.The name honeysuckle comes from the 《Compendium of Materia Medica》. Due to the fact that the honeysuckle initially blooms white and then turns yellow, it is named the honeysuckle.

Application: solid drink, sliced sugar, condiments, baked foods, casual food, etc.

Fruit and vegetable solid drink -fruit powder

Strawberry powder:

Strawberry, a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Rosaceae family. Strawberries have high nutritional value and active substances. Strawberry powder is processed by drying fresh strawberries, which basically retains the original flavor and nutritional components of the strawberries.

Application: Solid beverages, baking, candies, fillings, and other food products, etc

Tea Solid Beverage - Tea Powder

Green tea powder:

Green tea is a shrub or small tree plant of the Camellia genus in the Camellia family.Green tea is an unfermented tea that retains a significant amount of the original substance of fresh leaves.Green tea powder contains many active ingredients, such as tea polyphenols, caffeine, aromatic oils, vitamins, etc.

Application: Tea polyphenol capsules/tablets, tea juice tablets, health tea, etc


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