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Nature is the source of our lives. 

We are committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Creating values for customers and win-win with clients 

Expand the services for the Botanical Extracts Industry. -- Drawing on the advantage of our full industrial chain, we enrich the coverage of our services, from the collaborative research of market needs, product designing, production quality control, product application, to product innovation. We are dedicated to assisting our clients to discover their real (potential) needs, providing the most valuable products and services, and promoting their final product innovation (quality improvement, application innovation, and product variations). 

Seeking for the co-growth of the enterprise and employees

Our employees are our greatest asset. -- We value the growth of our employees, and continue to promote professional development training to improve their working skills and management skills, such as organising external training and online training. We are also committed to improving the performance of our employees, building career advancement paths, and fulfilling their personal potentials. 

Naturalin offers a number of internship positions to university students every year through a campus-recruiting program, and also creates job opportunities for the society by talent recruitment. 

Practise environmental protection and harmony with nature 

Establish and implement EHS management system --  Naturalin cares for the health and wellbeing of the employees and ensures the safety in production. Naturalin implements the “Prevention Primary” policy, establishes clearly defined responsibility, and reinforces the preventive measures to ensure the safety of employees and production.

Protect the ecology and environment -- Naturalin boasts a whole Chinese herbal medicine cultivation industry chain, actively improving the soil by cultivating soil fertility and decreasing the use of chemicals, and thus reduces the environmental impact. The development of the complete industrial chain achieves a synergy of enterprise economic benefits, environmental protection and resource conservation.

Promote public services and social progress 

Build planting cultivation bases (rosemary, echinacea, etc.) -- create job opportunities and help local farmers to become prosperous.

Help each other to overcome difficulties – Naturalin takes its corporate social responsibility to love the society, involving actively in epidemic prevention and disaster relief activities. 

The Naturalin Public Welfare Foundation is dedicated to environmental protection and community education.

- Naturalin is the founding member of Hunan Botanical Extracts Association and the first Vice President.
- Naturalin is the Executive Director of the Environmental Law Resources Research Association in Hunan Law Society.
- Naturalin is the sponsor of Hunan Agricultural University Botanical Resources Engineering Scholarship.