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Coriolus Versicolor Extract

  • Naturalin Code: NAT-070
  • Product Specification: 10~40% Polysaccharides
  • Latin Name: Coriolus versicolor (L.:Fr.)
  • Test Method: UV-VIS
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Natural polysaccharide Nutrition

TLC chromatogram Available

Coriolus mushroom extract also called Yun Zhi. Yun Zhi means Cloud Mushroom in Chinese, its formal botanical name is Coriolus versicolor. The powder is extracted from Yun Zhi Mushroom (Cov-1 strain of Coriolus versicolor). Its active ingredients are PSK and PSP. The extracted polysaccharide called Polysaccharide K (PSK) is also known as Krestin. The PSP is a protein-bound polysaccharide peptides. The main component unit of the polysaccharide moiety is 1,4- and -1,6- glucans with -1,3- and 1,6- linkages.
The main health benefit of coriolus mushrooms is attributed to a group of their active constituents called polysaccharides. These complex carbohydrates stimulate immune responses to many bacterial and viral illnesses. Because of their immune-stimulating actions, these polysaccharides may aid in preventing and treating many illness.

1. Improve the body's immune function;
2. Resistance to atherosclerosis;
3. Clear heat and toxic;
4. Anti-inflammatory;
5. Protect the liver.

1. Coriolus mushroom powder can be used in all kinds of health care products;
2. It can be used as functional food ingredients;
3. Pharmaceutical industry.

Packing & Storage:
Pack in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. Net Weight: 25kgs/paper-drum.
1kg-5kgs plastic bag inside with aluminum foil bag outside. Net Weight: 20kgs-25kgs/paper-drum.
Store in a well-closed container away from moisture and light.

Shelf Life:
2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.

Natural Ingredients, Healthy Life.

Naturalin Bio-Resources Co.,ltd is a professional and leading enterprise focusing on organic mushroom cultivation, processing and marketing. Naturalin supplies many kinds of mushroom extracts, mushroom powders. Most of Naturalin mushroom products have been authenticated as organic quality with the certificates of USDA organic, EU organic as well as Kosher check. Please feel free to contact us for your any concerns.


Please note that we are a wholesale company selling bulk quantities of 25 kg and greater.
We do not sell retail quantities to individuals.


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