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The best ingredients can only come from
the finest raw materials and manufacturing process controlling.

Naturalin TQM (Total Quality Management) starts from the source of raw materials, GAP certified farms, strict raw materials TLC Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) , sensory identification and bioactive compounds identification.

Advanced Quality Control Center

Our laboratory is equipped with advanced analytical instruments, such as HPLC, TLC, UV, AAS and etc. Following the principles of HACCP and GMP management, our experienced QA and QC teams make sure that through real-time supervision and control, we always bring the highest quality products to our customers.

We have also established long-term cooperation with some third-party laboratories (NSF, SGS, and Eurofins), and our products are regularly sent to these laboratories for testing to ensure that they are safe and meet our customer’s requirements.

Organic Plants-growing Farms

The planting complies with the high organic standards, meeting EP and USP requirements.

GMP Compliant Manufacturing Workshops

Our standard manufacturing workshops are fully-equipped with extraction, concentration, filtration, purification and drying facilities, which makes our annual production capacity exceed thousands of tons.

Organic Plant Base Advanced Quality Center GMP-standard Workshop

Quality Assurance

Committed to perfection at every step of the quality control


Naturalin lab and R&D focus on the

Strict quality control system and advanced quality inspection.

Research and development of new products.

Customised production based on function formulations and your design.

Application, research, solutions of natural plant extracts and other technical support.


Naturalin attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and holds many patents for plant extraction and product application. Main invention patents: 
Rosemary extract(ZL201210214411.1; 201811282116.3);
Echinacea extract(202010056794.9);
Olive leaf extract(201910218131.x);
Tongkat ali extract(201811363745.9);
Cranberry extract(201911054244.7);
Ginger extract( 201710040362.7 );
Gotu kola extract (202010093409.8);
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