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White Paeony Root

  • Naturalin Code: NAT-228
  • Product Specification: Whole/ Cut/ Slice
  • Latin Name: Paeonia Lactiflora Pall.
  • Test Method: N/A
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White peony is a plant. Its root has a long history of use for its beneficial properties in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Tibetan and Siberian folk herbal practices. Typical preparations of peony root include decoction, extraction, and infusion. It is often used in combination with other herbs.

• Traditionally, white peony root is used to treat anxiety and depression.
• It contain TGP which can regulate your immune system. It's been found to effectively treat autoimmune conditions.
• It has benefits for inflammatory disorders. 
• White peony root for blood flow, It can thin your blood so clots don't form. 


• Applied in health products and pharmaceutical industry.

• Applied in food industry.
• Applied in cosmetics.

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