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Organic Cordyceps Extract

  • Naturalin Code: NAT-069
  • Product Specification: 4:1; 10% Polysaccharide: 30% Polysaccharide
  • Latin Name: Cordyceps militaris (l.exfr)link
  • Test Method: UV-VIS,kit K-YBGL
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Our products conform to EU standards: EC396 pesticide residues standard, heavry metal, PAHs.

Cordyceps is a valuable large-scale medicinal fungus in China. The natural polysaccharides are used as a resource for treating diseases. Cordyceps contains a variety of biologically active ingredients, such as cordycepin, polysaccharides, antibacterial and antitumor adenosine derivatives. Polysaccharides are considered to be one of the most important active ingredients of Cordyceps. Cordyceps polysaccharides have many biological activities, such as anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory activity, and antioxidant.

Effect on immune organs
Cordyceps polysaccharides can cause the activation, proliferation and secretion of various lymphokines in T,NK and monocyte-macrophages. The spleen and thymus are the main immune organs in the body. Cordyceps polysaccharides can increase the weight of these organs or delay weight loss caused by the use of drugs. Cordyceps can also suppress spleen atrophy caused by prednisone or prednisolone.

Effect of polysaccharides on immune cells
Cordyceps polysaccharides can activate specific or non-specific lymphocytes such as NK cells, T cells, and monocytes-macrophages, and then play an immune protective role for the body.

Effect of polysaccharides on cytokines
Cytokines refer to soluble polypeptide molecules that transmit information between cells, activate cells, and can be produced by a variety of cells. Cordyceps polysaccharides play an increasingly important role in promoting the production of cytokines. Cordyceps polysaccharides increase the content of antibodies (such as IgG and IgM) in the body by affecting the transmission medium between cells-cytokines.


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