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Milk thistle extract: Multifunctional plant extract

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Milk thistle extract has rich active ingredients and can be applied in multiple fields. However, due to the impact of the raw material supply market, its price will fluctuate in the near future.

Milk thistle extract market

1、The market size continues to expand: The application of milk thistle extract in fields such as medicine, food and health, cosmetics and other fields has become increasingly widespread, which has promoted the increase in demand for consumers for milk thistle extract.

2、Product innovation ability is constantly improving: The milk thistle extract industry is facing deep technological changes, and related enterprises actively invest in research and development, which promotes the development of the industry.

3、Price is affected by the raw material market: As one of the main supply markets of milk thistle extract, it is predicted that China will have a price increase of 8%in recent supply.


· Pharmaceutical raw materials
· It can be applied in food and beverage
· It can be applied in anti-aging product for skin care

Milk thistle extract

In the face of the fluctuating raw material market, Naturalin insists on providing users with high quality milk thistle extract and ensuring stable supply. Our milk thistle extract has the following characteristics:

· Follow GMP regulations
· Pesticides residue comply with USP561
· Adequate stock, fast delivery
· Customization available

We have over 10 years of experience in the production, research and development and sales of plant extracts. If you have any questions, please feel free to inquire!

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