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Naturalin Led The Development of Echinacea Extract Social Organization Standards Officially Released

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Recently, the social organization standards "Echinacea Extract" led by Naturalin was officially released by the China Chamber Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products!

The social organization standards  released by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products, together with relevant national authorities, scientific research institutes and university review experts, the standards are strictly reviewed, and the industry is widely consulted, and the applicability of the standards is verified by a third party to ensure that the standards are broadly representative and scientific. Finally, the "Echinacea extract" standard declared by Naturalin passed layers of audit and was officially approved for implementation recently!

The standard specifies the technical requirements, inspection methods, inspection rules, packaging, labeling, transportation, storage and shelf life requirements of echinacea extract, fills the gap in the technical standards of echinacea extract, and provides a strong technical support for promoting the high-quality development of echinacea extract industry.

As a pioneer in the plant extract industry, Naturalin has always implemented all aspects of safe production with "standardization", built product quality with "standardization", and cast creative brands with "standardization". Contribute to the development of specialization and standardization of plant extract industry.