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API Ingredient | Medicine Herbs offer just for you

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This is Naturalin® Marketing Dept. I am happy to share with you the latest Chinese API Ingredient and Medicine Herbs market information.

1.API Ingredient Market
Due to the extremely dry weather in 2022, the price of many API raw materials has increased a lot in China, from January to May 2023, such as:
* Ginkgo Biloba Extract: Price Increased 17% ↑
* Milk Thistle Extract: Price Increased 8% ↑
* Ginseng Extract: Continue Rising ↑

2.Medicine Herbs Market
According to statistics from CCCMHPIE, from January to April 2023, the export volume of Chinese Medicine Herbs and slices increased by 17.90% year-on-year. Main growth areas: ASEAN&Latin America. At present, our TCM Herbs are also selling hot. Unique products:
*  Ginseng Rootlet(Naturalin's best seller at first quarter)
*  Organic Lion's mane Mushroom
*  Astragalus Root

Founded in 2006, Naturalin is one of the few natural ingredients manufacturer who can offer above products with sustainable and stable supply, large-scale production, industrialization management and very good prices in the market. we have sufficient stock of above ingredients, if any interest, welcome to inquiry!