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Rosemary Antioxidant in Meat Preservatives

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Rosemary Antioxidant

Oxidation causes products high in lipids and fats, such as meats, to lose their flavor, become discolored, and even begin to smell and taste rancid. 'Meat and poultry products provide a perfect environment for spoilage microbial growth due to their high moisture and neutral pH', says David Meggs, director of sales, Purac America, Lincolnshire, Ill. 'Often, traditional methods such as salting, smoking, fermenting and refrigerating are insufficient in meeting today's shelf-life requirements.'

Naturalin® Patent Rosemary

It is an effective, all-natural way to fight discoloration and flavor degradation due to oxidation, so you can keep your meat and other high fat foods looking and tasting fresh without the use of synthetic preservatives. It can be used in in a wide range of food applications including processed meats, pet foods and snacks.

Rosemary ExtractSpec:
10% Carnosic acid oil (Deodorized & Decolorized)
10%-95% Carnosic acid
5%-30% Rosmarinic acid
25%-98% Ursolic acid

Customized Rosemary Ingredients


Rosemary( Rosmarinus officinalis L. ) as an important aromatic plant and herbal plant, rosemary has thousands of years of cultivation and edible history. Rosemary contains salvianolic acid, salvianol, rosmarinic acid, rosmarinol, arpinene, caffeic acid and other active components. Rosemary and its extracts are widely used in food preservation due to their excellent antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Such as meat products, fruits and vegetables, aqua tic products and other antiseptic and fresh-keeping fields.

Rosemary extract standarized as a total of carnosic and carnosol acid is part of the European list of food additives since 2010 and it is located in the antioxidants category.

Rosemary extract is an ideal product for clean labels.


Naturalin® rosemary extract with high content antioxidant actives due to our exclusive extraction process. It has powder and oil. The choice of the product and the format depends on the matrix where it is going to be applied (meat, oils, etc.) and the specific purpose (minced meat, cured meats, etc.). If you want to apply rosemary extract to your products, contact us and we will help you create an adapted formula.


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