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Naturalin is planning invest in Hengshan County

Author : Naturalin Marketing Dept.  Date : Click : times
With the invitation from Hengshan County Government, July 11, 2010 to July 12, Naturalin has visited Hengshan County, investigated Hengshan Plant Base and Industry Park.
Bilateral talks was hold. Mr.Xiaorong, the Deputy Mayor of Hengshan County; Miss.Yangqun, the Director of Hengshan Science & Technology Bureau; Mr.Caolanping, the Director of Hengshan County Industry Park; Mr.Kevin Cao, Naturalin CEO, Mr.Zouqing, Naturalin Marketing Dept. Manager; Mr.Kangjun, Naturalin Production Dept. Manager have attended this negotiation. 
An agreement is reached between both side, Naturalin will enlarge the Plantation Base in Hengshan County, invest and building a new plant extract factory in Hengshan County. The investment will be reached to USD8000000.
Label: Naturalin is planning invest in Hengshan County