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Lotus Plumule

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  • Latin Name: Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.
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Lotus plumule, also known as Lian Zi Xin or Plumula Nelumbinis, is a Chinese herb with lots of health benefits. It is edible but not suitable for direct consumption because it is so bitter. But this unwelcome flavor would be slightly diluted if soaked with boiled water. So it is often used as a routine drinking tea for the main purpose of decreasing internal heat. 
It refers to the green spire and radicle in the middle of the mature seeds of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn., which is a plant in the family nymphaeaceae. And other names of it include Lian Xin, Nelumbo nucifera plumule, Nelumbinis Plumula, Plumula Nelumbinis Nuciferae, and so on. Medicinally the processing is quite simple – take it out and dry it in the sun. As you can see, Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. is such a treasure that every part of it, for instance lotus leaves, lotus root, lotus flower, and lotus seed, has really high medicinal and nutritional value.

1. Anti-tumor: Lotus seed extract can inhibit the tumor;
2. Lower blood pressure: lotus seeds have the effect of health care to lower blood pressure;
3. Strong heart & soothe the nerves: The alkaloids contained in the lotus seed core have strong anti-arrhythmic effects.
4. Nourish deficiency: Lotus seed is a commonly used nutritious product for those who have been chronically ill, postpartum or elderly.
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