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Review of China Feed EXPO | Naturalin looks forward to meeting you again

Author : Naturalin  Date : Click : times
From April 18 to 20, 2024, the "CHINA FEED EXPO 2024" was successfully concluded in Xiamen. CHINA FEED EXPO is an important platform for domestic and foreign livestock feed industry to release new products, display new achievements, disseminate new ideas, promote new cooperation and promote new technologies.

The exhibition has gathered numerous well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. As an animal nutrition solution provider, Naturalin also brings the key products such as eucommia leaves extract, astragalus extract, echinacea extract, and yucca extract  at the CHINA FEED EXPO.

With excellent product quality and professional consulting services, Naturalin booth ushered in many industry colleagues to visit and negotiate.

Although the exhibition has ended, our original intention and determination to research and innovate plant extracts and natural materials will not change. In the future, Naturalin will continue to cultivate the field of animal nutrition, provide customers with more high -quality products and application solutions, and promote the healthy development of the industry!

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