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Tea Seed Extract(Tea Saponin)
Naturalin Code:NAT-225
Product Specification:60%, 90% Tea Saponin
Plant Source Latin Name: Camellia oleifera Abel
Test Method:UV-VIS

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Product describtion
Tea saponin is not only effective in decontamination, foaming, emulsification, decentralization and saturation, but also with function of diminishing inflammation, easing pain and resisting epiphyte of this plant extract, along with tea saponin extract.
High purity tea saponin is a good emulsion, dispersion, and the nature of the foam, which can be widely used in agriculture, chemical industry, medicine, building materials, food and other industries for detergents, pesticides, emulsifier, blowing agents, diuretics.  

1. Natural non-ionic surfactant.
2. Pharmaceutical field,Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-infiltration
3. Biopesticides
4. Used in washing, wool spinning, knitting, medicine, daily chemical industry
5. Food additive field
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