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To discovery the natural value and extract natural essence, Naturalin Lab has launched a research about the application of plant extracts in the field of feed additive and biological pesticides etc. So that we are able to provide our customers with some mature application solutions to meet your customized requirements.

Plant extracts, as a new feed additive, its application is getting more mature. Plant natural with its active ingredients, has been extracted and used as an feed additives. It will greatly enhance the quality and flavor of animal product by improving the food chain, strengthening basic forage nutritive value, enhancing the performance of animal production and it has significantly influence on saving cost and quality improvement of animal products etc. All these advantages will ensure the safety of human food chain and nutritional requirements.

Moreover, plant extracts has been applied in pet food, to protect the health of the pet. Botanical biological pesticide derives from nature, with low toxicity to maintain high quality of farm products. With the development of the society and the progress of science and technology, we believe that plant extracts will be used more and more widely in other more fields.

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