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Ivy Extract
Naturalin Code:NAT-051
Product Specification:5%~10% Hederacoside C
Plant Source Latin Name: HederanepalensisK.Kochvar.sinensis(Tobl.)Rehd.,
Test Method:HPLC

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Product describtion
The chief constituents of ivy extract are flavonol glycosides (including kaempferol and rutin), saponins (3-6% in proportion, including hederacosides and hederin), sesquiterpenes, sterols (including sitosterol and stigmasterol), polyalkanes (including falcarinol), etc.
Research has shown that alpha-Hederin (one of the Ivy leaf saponin components) activates specific receptors (β-adrenoreceptors) in the airways causing the muscle to relax and make breathing easier.

Preparations of common ivy, are in the form of skin products, cosmetics, shampoos, teas, anticellulite creams and in some proprietary mixtures used for symptoms like bronchitis.

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