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Supplyside West 2017

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Supplyside West is a global known exhibition for natural ingredients, supplement, food additive, function food, Vitamins, etc. This is the sixth exhibition that Naturalin have attended, our booth No. is K151 
Five main products were promoted in United State:
Tongkat ali extract 
Mulberry extract
Ganoderma extract
Cranberry extract 
Rosemary extract
During Exhibition,Tongkat ali extract keeps the most popular of all since it is showed in 2010, also now it's wellknown in both USA and other market, all samples are taken in the first day,other customers can only get it after exibition, people who use it reply a effective result within 1 week.
It’s a long Journry from China to Las Vegas,but the journey is also full of surprises and happiness,It is glad to meet the new and old friends there, we expect the next one with you!
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