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Naturalin in FIC China 2017

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FIC China 2017 was held in Shanghai, China at 24th ~26th Mar. Our booth is 52x53, six of our colleagues have attended the fair.
After 26 years of development, FIC now became an international professional brand show in the industry with great influence and cohesiveness. This time, more than 1,400+ Chinese & global exhibitors gathered in the more than 106,000 square meters of the exhibition hall on the same stage, showed their products to more than 50,000 professional visitors.
At the exhibition, Naturalin shown below series of plant extract powder as natural food & beverage additives.
1) Fruit powder: Apple, Cranberry, Mango, Strawberry
2) Instant Tea powder: Black Tea, Chrysanthemum, Ginger, Jasmine
3) Spice: Ginger, Garlic, Fennel
4) Functional Additive: Ginseng, Epimedium, Ganoderma
Thereinto Instant Ginger Powder, Strawberry Powder and Functional Additive were widely acclaimed by many visitors.
Natural food additives is one of the major directions in the development of food industry. See you next year!

FIC 2017

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