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Naturalin meet FIE

author:Naturalindate:2015-12-15 14:07Click: times
With the rapid development of natural food, more and more consumers and producers are concerned about the pure natural additives and supplements, the key words of FIE 2015 is also NATURAL & HEALTH.
NATURALIN main have launched strawberries and apple freeze-dried powder at the show, which are with excellent flowability and fragrant odor,well applied for cakes,cookie and juice, most customers have recognized the quality and expressed their willingness to promote in the market.
Also in the middle of 2015, we have customized three PE products for France market,that is Artichoke extract, Valerian extract and Shitake Mushroom extract, regardless of price and quality are very advantageous, if you are interested in, we would be very glad to talk further,
Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to express our wishes for your kind supporting in 2015,May you peace, joy and happiness throughout Christmas and a wonderful 2016.


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