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Continued High Growth in Plant Extracts Industry

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Natural, healthy consumption concept has been widely accepted among the people. The international market in 2013 showed unprecedented enthusiasm to health food & beverage, cosmetics and other products with plant extract added. Development of such products is the main research direction of plant extracts industry. In 2013, the export of plant extracts found the way out, achieved the annual export volume of USD 1.41 billion, with the year-on-year growth of 21.3%, returning to the normal growth. Naturalin’s export growth was more than domestic counterparts, reached over 40%.

In terms of structure of export products, exported plant extracts can be roughly divided into food & beverage additives, dietary supplement, pharmaceutical raw materials and cosmetic raw materials. Natural sweetener in food & beverage additives is a new star. In 2013, Stevia extract became the plant extract with the largest export volume, having an amount of exports of USD 110 million, year-on-year 32.5% increased. Among food additives, the natural edible pigments such as bilberry extract, cranberry extract, curcumin, lutein, capsicum extract have always been the mainstream products. Our Production Department improved the productivity of cranberry extract in 2013. At present, both production and marketing of this product thrive. In 2014, we will continue to intensify the promotion and production of functional beverage additives, daily care chemical raw material and essential oil. We will also continue to focus on innovation of plant product applications.

From the target countries, the main markets are still the United States and Japan. Amounts of exports in 2013 were 310 million dollars and 190 million dollars respectively, with year-on-year increase of 23.3% to USA and year-on-year decrease of 5.5% to Japan. Japanese market is still the only market with decline in year-on-year export among top ten markets of us. Additionally, markets in India, Germany and South Korea rank the top five, with the amounts of exports of USD 94.78 million, USD 77.04 million and USD 74.69 million respectively.  

There are several relatively favorable factors for the rebound of plant extract export: Firstly, drive by standard large enterprises leads the healthy development of the industry. After several years of development, some larger mature plant extracts companies have been formed. We have standardized operation and competitive advantages in export products, playing an active role in driving the standardized and orderly development of the whole industry. Secondly, the customs code classification is increasingly clear which reduces the incidence of misjudgment. Thirdly, newly issued Export Business Standard promotes the enhancement of industry level and regulates the order in the industry. In 2013, Chinese Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce issued 7 international business standards for plant extracts. Naturalin is a member of drafting units of the standard. The standards caused widespread concern in the industry and among domestic and foreign organizations after their issuance, which played an active role in promoting healthy development of the industry.
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