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Super Ingredients for Your Daily Life

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Super food is a food that is rich in compounds, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients considered beneficial to a person's health. Super ingredient that just may help you live a more healthier life.

Super Ingredients for Your Daily Life

Wheatgrass Extract

Wheatgrass extract is a super ingredient best enjoyed by juicing. Wheat grass extract contains an enzyme which slows the aging process. Chlorophylls in wheatgrass extract diminish the impact of harmful bacteria, helping the body fight disease. Wheatgrass powder also can promote heart health and better blood flow, manage blood sugar levels.

Spirulina Extract

Spirulina extract is an algae rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. You can buy it in the form of pills, flakes or powders and add it to your daily diet. Spirulina extract can help improve body immunity; Help heart health; May reduce the risk of liver disease.

Ganoderma Extract

Ganoderma extract is rich in nutritious. It is high-protein, low-fat health ingredient, which rich in essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and polysaccharides. If you regularly take in ganoderma powder, it can effectively promote your body's absorption of other foods, then improve immunity and keep healthy. 

Cordyceps Extract

Cordyceps ExtractCordyceps is a medicinal mushroom. Cordyceps sinensis extract contains powerful nutrients to nourish your body. Cordyceps powder is now used by millions of people around the world as a super ingredient supplement. Naturalin offer organic cordyceps extract, ganoderma lucidum extract and other mushroom extracts.

Blueberry Powder

This is a favorite fruit of many people. Blueberry extract is a good source of vitamins C and K as well as manganese. They also have good carbs and dietary fiber. Blueberry extract contains the antioxidants such as anthocyanins. These antioxidants can reduce the risk of heart diseases, helps lower blood pressure, and helps prevent diabetes.

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