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Advantages of Allicin -- Animals Feed Additives

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Garlic belongs to the lily family and is a perennial herb. Allicin is present in the bulbs of garlic. Its active ingredient is garlic oil. Allicin is a green feed additive with no side effects and no pollution to the environment. It has the characteristics of improving feed palatability, promoting animal appetite, promoting growth, stomach sterilization, insect repellent health, etc., and it has no accumulation in animals, no drug resistance, and no teratogenic and mutagenic side effects. Allicin is widely used in animal feed.

Advantages Animals Feed Additives with Allicin

Wide Usage

Allicin can be used in cattle, pigs, broilers, hens, ducks, fish and some special economic farm animals, and can be used in all stages of animal growth. It has a wide range of applications.

Low Price

The use of garlic extract is low and the effect is remarkable. The price of allicin is a few to a few tenths of the price of some imported growth-promoting additives, which is suitable for a wide range of applications.

High Security

Allicin has no residue in the animal body and will not cause harm to humans and animals. Garlic is not poisonous or deformed, it is a safer additive.

No Using Taboo

Allicin can be mixed with other additives. Allicin is also unrestricted and can be used on the market for livestock and poultry products.

No Drug Resistance

The use of antibiotics is prone to drug resistance, and the effect is gradually reduced. After a period of time, you need to switch to other drugs. Allicin is a natural antibacterial substance and usually does not develop resistance. Allicin can be used for a long time.

Benefits of Animals Feed Additives with Allicin

Improving Meat’s Flavor

Allicin can increase the taste of meat. The addition of allicin in chicken or aquaculture can enhance the flavor of chicken and aquatic products.

Improving Animals’ Immunity

Improving nutrition, improving animal's nutritional digestibility and it have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and immune stimulating properties effects.

Improving Animals’ Survival Rate

Garlic extract has the functions of dissolving, sterilizing, preventing and curing diseases. Adding the right amount of allicin to the feed of chickens, pigeons and other animals can improve survival.

Increasing Animals’ Appetite

Garlic powder can increase gastric secretion and gastrointestinal motility, stimulate appetite and promote digestion.

Increasing Animals’ Feed Intake

The addition of allicin can significantly improve the palatability of the feed and can improve the feed intake. Most animals like the smell of allicin.

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