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7 Olive Leaf Extract Health Benefits

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Olive Leaf Extract


Olive leaf extract comes from the leaves of olive plant. The Olive is a species of small tree in the family Oleaceae. It contains much oleuropein which contribute to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of olive leaf extract. The olive leaf is a treasure chest of medical applications. Its alcoholic and water-based extracts have anti-atherosclerotic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-allergic properties.

Naturalin Product Specifications

10%-50% Oleuropein, 5%-20% Hydroxytyrosol; Or you can contact us to customize the specifications you need.
This article gives you an idea of all the aspects of olive leaf extract. We will discuss what it does. Let’s start scrolling!

Olive Leaf Extract Health Benefits

1. Boost Immune System

The olive leaf extract has antiviral properties, giving it the ability to fight or prevent the common cold, as well as treat dangerous viruses. Research shows that olive leaf extract effectively fight against a number of disease-causing microbes, including some of the viruses that cause influenza and other respiratory infections.

2. Improve Cardiovascular Health

Olive leaf extract have been used as an herbal tonic to support cardiovascular function for thousands of years. High doses of olive leaf extract have been shown to help reduce elevated LDL-cholesterol levels and assist in the maintenance of normal blood pressure. Oleuropein, the main glycoside present in olive leaf extract and hydroxytyrosol, the principal product of oleuropein that is present in olive leaf extract have both been linked to reduction of coronary heart disease and certain tumor.

3. Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Olive leaf extracts have hyperglycemic effects. It means they reduce blood sugar levels in the body. The olive leaf also controls blood glucose levels in the body. The polyphenols in olive leaf powder play a vital role in delaying the production of sugar, which causes inflammatory diseases like diabetes.

4. Enhance Brain Function

The fourth olive leaf extract benefit is its positive effects on brain function. Research show that oleuropein, one of the main components in olive leaf extract can reduce the symptoms or occurrence of age-related disorders, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Cure Arthritis

Arthritis is a joint disease that causes swelling and pain in the joints. The key word here is swelling -- which means inflammation. Due to the olive leaf is an anti-inflammatory agent, it works as a natural arthritis remedy.

6. Antiviral & Antibacterial

Olive leaf extract has a strong ability to kill viruses and can be used to treat infections caused by viruses. Natural ingredients which also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects include ginger extract, garlic extract, aloe extract, and etc.

7. Care Skin

Olive leaf extract has the power to reverse years of damage to your skin and the signs of aging. Because of olive leaf extract antioxidant properties. It helps to prevent certain types of cell damage, especially those caused by oxidation. Foods and herbs that contain antioxidants are great tools for the health of your skin and cells.


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