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The Efficacy of Organic Garlic Extract

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Basic Introduction of Organic Garlic Extract

Organic Garlic Extract 

It is perennial herb, Liliaceae allium. When the leaves are withered in June, they will be excavated to remove the surface sediment, air dry or baked until the outer skin is dry. It can be prepared as a garlic extract. According to the skin color, it is divided into purple skin and white skin. Spicy, pungent odor, edible or seasoning, it can also be used as medicine. When the garlic was planted in the Western Han Dynasty, it was introduced into China from the Western Region. It was popularized by the people for artificial cultivation.

Applications of Organic Garlic Extractgarlic extract

● Nutritional Supplements: Anti-cancer, antibacterial, etc;
● Food & Beverage Additives: Used to formulate spices;
● Personal Care: Antibacterial, itching, improve blood circulation.

Value Component of Organic Garlic Extract

The organic garlic extract contains volatile oil and the main component of the oil is allicin. Allicin has a bactericidal effect and it is produced by the hydrolysis of alliin in organic garlic. It also contains a variety of thioether compounds composed of allyl, propyl and methyl groups.
Organic garlic not only has good edible value, but also has a very high medicinal value. It can protect the liver from diseases. Let us take a look at the efficacy of organic garlic extract.

Efficacy of Organic Garlic Extract

Anti-bacterial & Anti-inflammatory 

Organic garlic extract is a natural plant antibiotic. Organic garlic contains about 2% allicin, and its bactericidal ability is 1/10 of penicillin. Eating organic garlic is an effective way to prevent the flu and intestinal infections. However, it should be noted that allicin is easily destroyed at high temperatures and loses its bactericidal effect.
The organic garlic extract also contains sulfur compounds with strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It has inhibitory and killing effects on various cocci, bacilli, fungi and viruses. It is one of the most active antibacterial agents in natural plants. 

Help Hypolipidemic & Hypoglycemic

According to epidemiological investigations, the average annual mortality rate of cardiovascular disease in areas where 20 grams of garlic per person per person is significantly lower than that in areas where there is no eating habit. Therefore, regular consumption of organic garlic has the effect of lowering blood fat.
Experiments have shown that raw organic garlic has the effect of increasing glucose tolerance in normal people and it can also promote insulin secretion and increase the utilization of glucose by tissue cells. Thereby lowering blood sugar and killing various bacteria that cause diabetes due to infection. Effective prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Prevent Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Diseases

Garlic prevents fat deposition in the heart and brain, induces fat metabolism inside the tissue, significantly increases fibrinolytic activity, lowers cholesterol, inhibits platelet aggregation, lowers plasma concentration, increases dilatation of arterioles, promotes vasodilation, regulates blood pressure Increases the permeability of blood vessels. So inhibiting the formation of blood clots and preventing arteriosclerosis.


The sulfur-containing compounds in organic garlic mainly act on the 'starting phase' of tumorigenesis, enhance the detoxification function, interfere with the activation of tumorigenic substances, prevent the formation of tumors, enhance immune function, block the formation of lipid peroxidation and anti-mutation. Ways to avoid the conversion of normal cells to tumor cells. The trace element contained in organic garlic extract, selenium, can kill tumor cells and reduce the incidence of cancer.


Raw organic garlic can alleviate allergic reactions, especially allergies caused by temperature changes. The best way to anti-allergy is to start eating raw organic garlic or organic garlic extract products a few weeks before the allergy season.

Prevent Getting Cold

Garlic contains a kind of sulphuric acid called propylene sulfide, which has a good killing effect on pathogens and parasites. It can prevent colds and relieve cold, cough, sore throat and nasal congestion.

Improve Energy

Organic garlic extract can effectively replenish the kidneys, improve the symptoms of body weakness caused by insufficient kidney gas, and promote the production of male sperm.

Methods of Eating Organic Garlic 

First of all, organic garlic should be eaten raw. Because organic garlic quickly loses its effectiveness when it gets hot. After the organic garlic is crushed, it is best to leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. When the allicin is completely produced, it will work. The point to note is that organic garlic should not be eaten on an empty stomach because it is highly irritating and corrosive which will  cause stomach upset.  
If you are afraid of eating odor after eating garlic, you should reduce the bad breath caused by organic garlic. You can have a cup of coffee, milk or green tea after eating organic garlic. Or you could choose to eat organic garlic supplements, such as organic garlic powder made from organic garlic extract, essential oils, capsules, tablets or granules, etc.

Tips -- Taboo Match with Garlic

● Onions - Both are detrimental to gastrointestinal health and can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain.
● Dog meat & Lamb - It can be replenished in the winter, but it is easy to get angry in the summer.
● Mango - Skin allergies & yellowing.


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