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Natural Strawberry Powder-100% Pure

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Strawberry Powder


Welcome to visit our Knowledge again. Today we will share with you some knowledge about strawberry powder--Nutritional value and the application of strawberry powder.
Strawberries are native to the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere and they are widely cultivated for their edible fruit. The red stem of the grass stem is formed by the stem end and the real fruit is embedded in the seed. Fresh strawberries are sold during the off-season of early summer fruit. Due to its bright fruit color, sweet and sour taste and unique aroma, it is very popular among people, especially children. It is most suitable for fresh consumption. Strawberries can also process fruit powder, fruit wine, jam and more. Strawberries are not easy to store and transport after ripening. If you want to take in strawberry anytime and anywhere, you can change another way. Strawberry is a good choice!


1. Natural extracts
2. Unique flavor, strong natural taste & pure sweet smell
3. Instant water solubility 
4. Non-sticking & Non-caking

Nutritional Value of Strawberry Powder

The color of the strawberry is beautiful and the strawberry powder has the same color and sweetness as the fresh strawberry. Naturalin's strawberry powder is in the form of a fine powder that retains the same nutrients and natural ingredients as fresh strawberries. It has a unique flavor, characteristic fluidity, no sticking and no caking. 
Strawberry powder can be eaten by most people. Strawberry powder is rich in sugar, vitamins and various fruit acids. In 100 grams of strawberries, it contains 35 milligrams of vitamins, which is six times that of apples. In addition, it also contains phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin B. Therefore, eating strawberries is an excellent source of vitamins. It can help you prevent scurvy and it has a good therapeutic effect on the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Eat more strawberries can make your skin white and tender. Strawberry also has the effect of helping digestion and promoting appetite.

Applications of Strawberry Powder

Now add some fruit powder to your product is a good way to quickly increase the value of your product. It can be used in a variety of industries such as the food supplement industry, the baking industry, the food and beverage industry.

Main Applications

· Food Additives--Strawberry cake; Candy; Ice cream; Chewing gum; Snacks; Biscuits, Potato chips; Jams; etc.
· Beverage Additives--Solid beverages; Milk, Soft drinks; Energy drinks; Wines, etc.
· Functional Food--A health product that is used as a capsule or pill
· Daily Products--Skin care products; Beauty products; Cosmetics

Are you in these industries?

Tips-- How to Enjoy Strawberry Powder

Strawberry powder adds natural sweet strawberry flavor and rich nutrition to various foods and beverages. Sprinkle strawberry flour on oatmeal in the morning, or mix strawberry flour with yogurt to get a delicious afternoon snack. It can also be made into a refreshing smoothie or juice. Or you can add desserts such as puddings and parfait, mix cakes and muffin batter to get a fascinating strawberry flavor.
If you have a more delicious recipe, please feel free to share your thoughts with us on Facebook or leave a message on this post.

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