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Asia is set to witness Natural & Organic Products growth

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With the rising trend, and demand for organic products, the market is forecasted to nearly triple by 2025 reaching $320.5 billion; an estimated 9.5% compounded annual growth rate in organic personal care market; all eyes are on Asia to fuel that surge. Products ranges from natural foods & beverages offering plant base alternatives and natural ingredients, to natural beauty products toting cruelty-free manufacturing and clean packaging, to the growing nutraceuticals market in response to natural and healthy lifestyles. Asia is set to witness the growth in the “organic movement”, and the account for over 12% global revenue in the near future.
Fruits and vegetables dominated the global organic food market accounted for over 37 percent of revenue share in 2015. Furthermore, increasing consumption of meat and poultry products resulted in the fastest growth of the segment and is expected to grow substantially at a CAGR of 13 percent over the forecast period.
The industry in Asia Pacific is projected to witness fastest growth over the forecast period and account for over 12 percent of global revenue by 2025. Asia Pacific is projected to witness highest growth on account of growing agriculture sector in the region coupled with robust domestic demand has led to significant demand for the product.
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