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What does natural beauty product mean ?

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The trend for natural beauty products is well established across the world as growing numbers of consumers reject chemical-laden formulations in favour of alternatives perceived to be better for them and the environment. The pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is also helping to fuel the trend. However, many consumers remain confused over what constitutes a natural beauty product.
natural beauty product
What does natural mean ?
Consumer research shows that global interest and engagement in beauty and grooming products making natural claims is high. However, interpretation of what natural means differs by region. 
In Asia and North America natural means “real ingredients” above all else. The incorporation of ingredients that consumers perceive to be untampered with and non-artificial is therefore essential.
 In South America and Europe, “natural” primarily means “preservative free”, while “free from synthetic ingredients” and “real ingredients” also rank highly. Consumers consider “natural” to be about rejecting unfamiliar, synthetic ingredients in favour of ones that are “real”.
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