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Rhodiola Extract—Defeat high blood pressure

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Rhodiola ExtractWhat is hypertension?
Hypertension and high blood pressure are the same exact thing. Hypertension is just the medical term for high blood pressure. It occurs when the force of blood passing through blood vessels is above normal. The increase in pressure forces the blood to hit the blood vessel walls.
What causes hypertension?
Hypertension is usually a result of a combination of stress, high cholesterol, inflammation and sticky blood platelets. Insulin resistance—also known as metabolic syndrome—and too much body fat are major contributing factors, and heavy metal toxicity is another culprit.
Why is hypertension dangerous?
It’s called the “silent killer” because it is insidious. It often has no warning signs or symptoms.
If your blood pressure is high, it causes strain on the vessels carrying blood around your body. This strain can cause vessels to become injured leading to plaque buildup as a response to injury. This can lead to narrow blood vessels and then clotting of passageways, which can cause damage to the heart and/or brain.
Rhodiola Extract—boosts energy and reduces stress to defeat high blood pressure
Rhodiola is from a plant that is native to the mountainous regions of Europe, Asia and the Arctic, and has been used for centuries in Russia, Scandinavia and other eastern European countries.Rhodiola extract gently stimulates adrenal hormone production. It is a remedy for hypertension, sleep difficulties, poor appetite, irritability, headaches and fatigue from intense physical or intellectual strain. It also boosts immunity, improves concentration and stress resistance, and increases physical performance and uplifts mood.
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