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Natural Colours, The Revolution Is Already Here

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The market for natural colours is growing steadily and is expected to be worth US$1.7 billion by 2020. Food companies that aim to be part of the cleaner food future are investing now to develop the next natural food trends.
The question nowadays is not whether it’s necessary to switch from synthetic to natural food colourings, but how worried food manufacturers should be if they have not already made the switch. Natural food colouring is no longer a future trend but an actual reality. Consumer impetus is strong for manufacturers to ‘clean’ up, as reflected in the rapid uptake of natural colours in new product launches.
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Europe: A Defining Moment For Natural Food Colouring
Natural colours are increasingly used in food and drink launches.
In 2007, serious concerns were raised through research on the links between a combination of synthetic food colours— the Southampton six—and child hyperactivity. In its 2010 precautionary response, the European Union applied obligatory warnings to child
ren’s food labelling and reduced the acceptable daily intake levels of the colourings. Many EU confectioners switched to natural colours (to avoid the label warning), and this became a differentiator for parents and a vector for consumers to demand natural food colorants.
Asia Pacific: Stepping Up To Food Safety Challenges
The global uptake of natural food colours in new product development is generally positive, with Europe leading, and Asia Pacific following as the fastest growing natural colour market.
In Asia, a driving force is the pervasiveness of food safety scandals: the recycling of waste oil and animal feed oils that were synthetically coloured and sold as healthier vegetable oils in Taiwan; toxic toothpaste produced in China and imported around the world; or high levels of lead in packet noodles in India.
United States: The Natural Colour Revolution Is Underway
Consumers want to see familiar ingredients in their foods.
According to market figures, the US has been lagging behind in making the switch to natural colours. The trend is confirmed in Europe and Asia but still underway in the US. Recent announcements confirm that under growing pressure from consumer and health-interest groups, the natural colour revolution is now in full swing.

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