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In-cosmetics Asia 2016 New Spotlight: Anti-pollution skin ca

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Asia is a fast-evolving cosmetics market and Asian consumers are embracing new trends quicker than any other region in the world. So progressive is the sector that sales of beauty and personal care products skyrocketed in 2015 and are expected to pass US$150bn by 2017. However, the market is expected to increase in size by almost 25% by 2020, showing it has yet to reach maturity and there is substantial room for growth. 
With pollution claim, according to Mintel, protection from pollution is a key consumer demand in the beauty industry.  This trend is now also expanding to brands in a number of other key beauty sectors, including colour cosmetics and hair care, with companies adapting their formulations in order to stay relevant.
Pollution is considered particularly problematic in Asia, as air pollution has hit critical levels in many major cities. In addition to contributing to premature death, ground level ozone pollution, particulate matter, traffic fumes, UV rays and smog are skin aggressors that accelerate ageing, wrinkles and dull complexions.
In-cosmetics Asia
The conference and exhibition, which focuses on innovation within the cosmetic and personal care industries will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 8th -10th November 2016.
In-cosmetics Asia 2016 is a prestigious event on the cosmetics calendar, with over 400 exhibitors and almost 7,500 Asian cosmetic manufacturers from around the world expected to attend this year. Many of these will be demonstrating their latest active ingredients.
As Mintel reports, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region’s beauty and cosmetics sectors are anticipated to show an annual 8.0% predicted growth rate from the end of 2015 to the end of 2016, demonstrating industry development.
A number of speakers will attend the event to deliver sessions as part of a new Spotlight On anti-pollution feature. Presentations from a variety of global cosmetic industry leaders will take place, including ‘The potential of anti-pollution: what’s driving the trend and where is it heading’, which will discuss the factors fuelling the rise of the trend and the current state of the anti-pollution sector.
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