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Functional Waters To Double By 2020

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The global market for functional waters surged in 2015, rising by an estimated 12% in volume to 5.5 billion liters and 11% in value to $12 billion, according to a report from food and drinks industry consultancy . The market is expected to double over the next five years, primarily driven by rapid growth in Asia-Pacific.
The “2016 Zenith Report on Flavored Functional Water Innovation” identified nine key areas of focus for new product development initiatives since 2013: natural ingredients, natural sweeteners, diversified flavors, energy waters, beauty and wellness waters, vitamin waters, protein waters, innovative functionality and minimalist packaging.
Functional waters provide added benefits for health conscious consumers at a substantial price premium for the industry. The most common added ingredients are vitamins and minerals alongside herbs and fruit flavors. These are generally combined to provide a targeted package of taste, convenience and lifestyle with a well-being appeal.
Other points highlighted in the Zenith report included:
Still water dominates the flavored functional water market, accounting for 90% of global volume.
Consumption per person is highest in North America, Asia-Pacific and West Europe.
China, the U.S. and Japan lead in terms of volume by country.
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