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China’s foreign trade value of medicines and healthcare pro

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The total imports and exports value of China’s medicines and healthcare products hit a new record of $102.6 billion in 2015, up 4.73 percent year on year, according to China Customs data.
The value of exports reached $56.4 billion, increased by 2.7pecent while imports hit $46.2 billion, rose 2.7 percent. The value of foreign trade surplus was $10.2 billion, down 13.99 percent.
In 2015, the global economy was still on the downturn track which developed economies had a slow recovery and developing economies saw a slowdown in economic growth. In addition, weak global demand, exchange rate fluctuation, environmental controls and manufacture transfer have made China’s medicines and healthcare products foreign trade enter into a growth phase at medium speed.
In general, China’s medicines and healthcare products foreign trade revealed three main characters in 2015: weakness export of APIs and vigorous import of biopharma drugs, an export boom of plant extracts and a slowdown of herbal decoction pieces, and an optimized export structure of medical devices.
CCCMPIE predicts that China’s medicines and healthcare products foreign trade will still keep a low speed of growth at 3 to 5 percent in the year of 2016.
Market segments of China’s medicines and health products foreign trade  
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