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Food & Beverage Ingredients-- Market Overview

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food and drinks1.  Fast-growing ingredients categories are driven by emerging markets
For botanicals and bioactives, five countries are forecast CAGRs of more than 10% over 2013-2018, including Vietnam and Turkey. Just behind these are countries such as India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Iran, Israel, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. North America and Western Europe are forecast CAGRs of just under 2% and just over 1%, respectively.
2.  Middle East emerging as an important target
While Asia Pacific has long been both the largest and fastest growing market for food and beverage ingredients (accounting for 39% of global volume) it is set to be outpaced by the Middle East and Africa, which has a forecast CAGR of over 5% (compared to Asia Pacific’s 4%). Both regions will remain firmly on the radar of the major ingredients suppliers.
The markets of the developed world are far more static at 18% of total volume for Western Europe and 17% for North America. However, these regions remain the most innovative and are invariably the first to take on newer, more high-value ingredients as they emerge.
3.  China drives growth in end-use markets 
China continues to show best growth in both packaged food and alcoholic/soft drinks. However, it is clear that there are also significant opportunities in other Asian markets, e.g. India, Indonesia and Vietnam.
Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Algeria all feature in packaged food in package food and ingredients growth, while Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and South Africa show strong positive growth in drinks.
4.  Demand: Beyond simple nutrition or hydration
Adding value is the key to growth in the global food and drinks industry. Products providing more in terms of taste and quality, health and wellness, naturalness, convenience and ethical positioning than simple nutrition or hydration, also highlight the most important trends and influences for ingredient manufacturers.

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