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Natural Feed Additive Macleaya Cordata Extract

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Macleaya Cordata ExtractChemical pesticides are harmful to humans and environment. It prompted the pesticide industry and developed to be the environmental new pesticide. Botanical pesticides is one of the development direction of Pesticide industry. Total alkaloids from Macleaya Cordata Extract becomes one of the few successful products of plant pesticide.

Pink Plumepoppy, native to China and Japan, is a source of bioactive compounds. Six alkaloids together with phenolic acids were identified in Macleaya cordata leaf and fruit extracts. Fatty acids were identified in the seed oil. And sanguinarine reductase, a key enzyme in sanguinarine / dihydrosanguinarine equilibrium in plants, was found in fresh leaf tissue. Research shows that Macleaya cordata extract can be widely used in veterinary medicine, feed additives, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Studies have shown that pink plumepoppy extract contribute to growth performance in weaning pigs. A plant-derived feed additive, given throughout the nursery stage via feed at 15ppm and 50ppm, on the health status and performance of weaners against negative controls. In a 900-sow farrow-to-finish farm, a total of 864 piglets were divided into three groups: (i) negative controls (NC); (ii) Sang 15: same feed as NCs, plus 15g pink plumepoppy extract additive/ton of feed; (iii) Sang 50: same feed as NCs plus 50g pink plumepoppy extract additive/ton of feed. The results indicated that administration of 50ppm-Pink Plumepoppy Extract additive had the most beneficial effects on growth performance in weaning pigs. Specifically there was increase of body weight and average daily gain, as well as reduction of feed conversion ratio. Blood analysis from the Sang groups and especially the Sang 50 group revealed low values of haptoglobin and serum amyloid A.

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