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Determination of Ginkgolic Acid

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1. Reagents:
Ginkgolic Acid Standard Sample; Methyl Alcohol;
Petroleun Ether(60~90℃);     Glacial Acetic Acid;  Distilled Water

2. Solution Preparation
2.1 HPLC Mobile Phase:
Add Methyl Alcohol 900ml into 0.1% 100ml Glacial Acetic Acid, mix, filter by 0.45um PTFE, vacuum or ultrasonic degas.
2.2 Standard Sample Solution:
Accurately weight Ginkgolic Acid Standard Sample 5mg, add Methyl Alcohol dissolve to 50ml.
2.3 Sample Solution:
Accurately weight extract powder 10g, put into cone flask, accurately weight Petroleun Ether (60~90℃)50 ml, weight, 80℃ water bath reflux 2 hours. Cool, weight again. Add Petroleun Ether(60~90℃)replenish the lost weight, mix, filter. Weight 25ml filtered soluion, Add Methyl Alcohol 2ml, seal and shake, filter by 0.45um PTFE, then get the filtered solution.

3. Proccedure:
3.1 HPLC Condition:
Column: ZORBAX  Eclipes  XDS -C8 column (4 .6×150 mm ,  5 µ m ).
Flow Rate: 1 .0 ml / min.  
Detector: UV,Wavelength 310 nm
Sample Add Valve Volume:10 µ L (stable)
3.2 HPLC Proccedure:
Inject 10µ L sample solution and standard sample solution into HPLC separately; record the chromatogram. As chart 1 shows, there are 10.207min,11.572min,13.337min,16.213min and 18.472min total 5 peaks. The A equal to area of the 5 peaks.

4  Calculation:
                              A(sample)×m (standard sample) ×1/50
      Content(%)=                                                             ×100%
                               A(sample)×m (standard sample) ×1/4

 Note: A(sample)——Peaks’ area of the sample
A(standard sample)—— Peaks’ area of the standard sample
m(standard sample)—— standard sample weight(mg),
m(sample)—— sample weight(mg);

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