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Giant knotweed rhizome is a common medicinal plant

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Giant knotweed rhizomeGiant knotweed rhizome, the dried rhizome and root of Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. et Zucc. is a common medicinal plant in China. Chinese
Pharmacopeia Edition 2005 (Ch. P 2005) regulates its use as an herbal medicine. It is used with the belief that it cures angiocardiopathy, skin inflammations, liver diseases, reduces fever, and relieves arthritis pain etc.P 2005 regulates giant knotweed rhizome with two different HPLC methods for the determination of emodin and polydatin, respectively.2 The quality control for giant knotweed rhizome, therefore, is inconvenient (that is, two methods) and inadequate, as the methods only determine two of the putative active components. Besides determining emodin and polydatin,

Eefficient HPLC method that in a single injection determines the eight main active components of giant knotweed rhizome: anthraglycoside A, anthraglycoside B, emodin, physcion,rhein, chrysophanol, resveratrol, and polydatin.Samples were extracted using ultrasonic extraction andthe ASE® 200 Accelerated Solvent Extractor respectively,with satisfactory results obtained for both extraction methods.

There are many compounds that are considered active components in giant knotweed rhizome,including anthraquinones (for example, anthraglycoside A, anthraglycoside B, emodin, physcion, rhein, and chrysophanol) and stilbenes (for example, resveratrol and evaluation methods for the quality control of giant knotweed rhizome use the HPLC method to determine anthraglycoside A, anthraglycoside B, resveratrol, emodin, and physcion.3,4 However, these methods are still inadequate for evaluating the quality of giant knotweed rhizome as one method determines the first three compounds listed previously and the second method determines the last four compounds.
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