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Rhodiola extract benefits:antioxidant

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Rhodiola extract is rich of mineral elements beneficial to body, can prevent skin aging, keep skin whitening, moisturizing and remove wrinkle etc.
For skin anti-oxidation, anti-aging, rhodiola has a natural advantage. Due to the extremely harsh growth environment, rhodiola accumulated a large body of antioxidant, anti-radiation metabolites substance in its lifetime. Rhodiola extract is a complex composition up to hundreds of species. Salidroside, tyrosol, a range of phenolic antioxidants, proanthocyanidins, chlorogenic acid , gallic acid, kaempferol , etc are the main ingreidents. Take tyrosol for example, it can effectively remove a variety of free radicals, peroxide ions, hypochlorite ions , and to prevent low-density lipoprotein, the star of antioxidants! Meanwhile rhodiola also has ultra-high SOD activity can promote keratin and fibroblast proliferation to reduce wrinkles. In addition, rhodiola can be effective against electromagnetic radiation.

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