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Goji Berry Powder

  • Naturalin Code: NAT-115
  • Product Specification: Powder
  • Latin Name: Lycium barbarum L.
  • Test Method: TLC
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China's goji berry history dates back thousands of years. In ancient traditional Chinese medicine, its functions included protecting the liver, improving eyesight and conserving strength.
China has 133,000 hectares of goji berries, mainly in the northwestern provinces.Northwest China's Ningxia grows vast quantities of goji berries, over 60,000 hectares of them. And annual production tops 180,000 tons.


1. Anti aging; 

2. Whitening and beauty; 

Naturalin Quality
Right Species: Professional herbalist team; TLC identification; HPLC test
Strict Quality Control: Control on Foreign matters, Heavy Metals, Micro-organism & Pesticides Residue, etc; Meet CP, USP, or EU Pharma standard.


ISO9001, FSSC22000, USDA Organic, etc.


Please note that we are a wholesale company selling bulk quantities of 5 kg and greater.
We do not sell retail quantities to individuals.


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