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Kelp Extract
Naturalin Code:NAT-238
Product Specification:4:1; 8:1; 10:1; 10% Fucoxanthine
Plant Source Latin Name: Herba Zosterae Marinae
Test Method:UV-VIS

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Product describtion
Kelp is a type of marine algae, or seaweed.It is named kelp as its  flexible ribbon.Seaweeds come in three different color varieties, red, green and brown.The medicinal powers and benefits of kelp have been celebrated for centuries due to its proven ability to prolong life and enhance health and beauty.It is considered a whole food and is filled with necessary vitamins and minerals, such as the B vitamin, folic acid, vitamin K, and the element iodine.

People incorporate kelp extract into their diets for a variety of reasons.kelp extract is one of many coastal-based nutritional supplements. Kelp benefits range from boosting immunity, aiding with weight loss efforts, and providing nutritional support. The extract is also often used as a garden fertilizer.

1. Detoxifier:The addition of kelp  diet as either a raw food or supplement can help with the detoxification of the body which can in turn help to prevent health problems ;
2. Skin care products:Kelp can help to prevent early loss of elasticity of the skin and therefore keep skin looking firmer and younger for longer;
3. Health care products:kelp extract can also help to improve the effectiveness of the immune system;
4. Food additives:kelp extract is a good replacement for salt;
5. Weight loss products:Kelp may also help improve body composition and assist with weight lost, the high iodine content helps to boost metabolism in people with hypothyroidism or under active thyroid function.
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