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Naturalin is a main member of China Plant Extracts Standards Drafting Committee.
With our experienced quality management, production team and our state-of-the-art equipments, we ensure the products quality. 

Marketing wants new ideas. Together with our development team we make the ideas happen in time.
Naturalin value your needs, especially your innovative applications in natural ingredients. Our Production Design Team composed of sales service, R&D, quality management and production staffs, they are working for your product innovation with natural ingredient applications.   

Naturalin cooperates with universities, scientific research centers and independent labs. 
We have been cooperating with univeristies, scientific research centers and independent labs in terms of TCM, food and beverage, nutrition, personal cares studies, thus develop our R&D studying on natrual ingredients and its applications to satisfy market needs and changing, innovate and industrilization our natural ingredient products.
naturalin R&D
Naturalin lab and R&D focus on the followings:
1. Strict quality control system and advanced quality analysis.
2. R&D on the production of new products.
3. Customization on functional formulas and your design.
4. Applications, researches, solutions and other technical supports on natural plant extracts.

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