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Naturalin factory manufactures Plant Extracts and Natural Ingredients in powder and liquid forms.
Naturalin products certificated by ISO 9001; ISO 22000; USA Organic; European Organic; MUI-Halal; IFANCA-Halal; SHC-Halal; SKS-Kosher ; OV-Kosher.
Naturalin products are divided into three lines: Food & Beverage application, Nuturition application and Personal Care application, helping to innovate your products flavor, improve your products quality, increase your products nutrition and health; thus suit the markets changing and satisfy the safety, health, nature and nutrition needs from customers. 
Naturalin flexible facilities and experienced production team has the capabilities to provide exquisite natural ingredients manufacturing. 
Naturalin has complete facilities for extraction, concentration, filtering, purification and drying, this gives us the production capabilities to produce more than thousands tons of natural ingredients per year.
Naturalin Factory

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